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Ducati Multistrada V4s VS KTM 1290 Super Adventure S | Knox Armour


Ducati Multistrada V4s VS KTM 1290 Super Adventure S | Knox Armour It’s fair to say that Adventure can be had on any motorcycle. All you need is 1 engine, 2 wheels, a tank of petrol, and a dream of where you want your adventure to take you. But this test isn’t about roughing it on cheap bikes and bunking in hostels. This is a clash of titan’s test between the two most advanced Adventure motorcycles that have ever been made. Ducati Multistrada V4S vs KTM 1290 Super Adventure S. Like the naked bike and sports bike sector, the adventure bike category has different tiers, from lightweight low powered bikes, through to middleweights, through to large capacity adventure bikes like the BMW GS and the Honda Africa Twin. There is no doubt however, these two are in a different class, it’s just that no one has put a name to it yet. I’m calling it a Super Adventure. Why? Both of these machines have engines derived from either a full-blown Superbike or in the KTM’s case, from a Super-naked and both machines have in excess of 160hp. That differentiates them. They also have more tech than the Starship enterprise, electronic suspension and even radar enabled cruise control. Think I’ve made my point. These aren’t normal adventure bikes, these are something special. For 2022, The Ducati Multistrada V4s is in its 4th generation, designed to be simultaneously more sporty and more capable off road; all in the mission to “Rule all Roads”. For us, the Multistrada’s claim to rule all roads meant more than just asphalt and set the tone for our Super Adventure test that would see us tackling some of the Lake Districts very best mountain passes, roads, beaches and trails. For the full article click here - 🤍 In this video we were wearing: Knox Honsiter Jacket - 🤍 Knox Dual Pro Jacket - 🤍 Knox Oulton Glove - 🤍 Knox Urbane Pro Trousers - 🤍 Knox Richmond Jeans MK3 - 🤍 Knox Dual Active Base Layers - 🤍 In this video, we quoted a Devitt Insurance price. These were based on the below. *Devitt Insurance Quote is based on Mr Average. Mr Average is: Based on a 40 year old married Bank Clerk, living in LA13. Kept in a Garage, held full bike license since 2000. Bike has Biketrac and a Datatool S4 C1 Red security. No accidents or claims. Comp cover, 3000 miles, 5 years protected NCD and just SDP use Please see 🤍 In this video, we quoted a Devitt Insurance price. These were based on the below. *Devitt Insurance Quote is based on Mr Average. Hope you enjoyed this one, as you can probably tell, it was a huge production for us. Please let us know what you think in the comments section, subscribe and we'll see you next time. KNOX #superadventure #knoxarmour #adventure

Knox Seasonless - One oufit, all riding conditions


Knox Seasonless - One oufit, all riding conditions Knox is proud to introduce a brand new concept to the market for 2022, Knox Seasonless. The Knox Seasonless collection is about core Knox pieces, used for every ride and every season. Start with core protection and add layers to adapt and overcome all conditions, from unbearable heat through to driving rain. There is no spring / summer / autumn / winter wear, this is adaption to climate and condition via seasonless equipment. Knox Seasonless is Adaptable - Sustainable - Protective. Adaptable – Every ride, every condition, every time The Knox Seasonless collection is adaptable to all riding environments, from city riding to the toughest adventure and across climates. Its always summer or winter somewhere in the world and riders can experience 3 seasons in a day. With timeless styling and attention to detail, every piece in the Knox Seasonless collection has been designed to stand the test of time and look great on every ride, in every continent. Knox Seasonless – Sustainable – Hard working gear used on every ride Knox Seasonless is about using the same protective armoured shirt on every ride and then adding and subtracting layers to suit the conditions. It is not inflexible, barely worn gear that clogs up wardrobe space and eventually ends up in landfill or is given away. A Knox Seasonless rider has one outfit that is built to perform throughout the year, and pieces can be replaced when needed, making it a more sustainable approach to riding gear. Knox Seasonless – Protective - At the core of everything we do. At Knox, protection is paramount. Wearing a close-fitting armoured shirt is the best way to wear protection. It ensures the armour is comfortable held in the right places, rather than it moving around in a loose jacket, where it may not be where its needed, when its needed. Knox MicroLock armour is used in all protective products, and is soft to wear, but locks in impact. It absorbs much of the impact energy before it’s passed to the wearers limbs or back. To find out more about Knox Seasonless and all of the products in the collection, please see visit - 🤍 Many thanks for your continued support, let us know what you think and please feel free to get in touch any time! 🤍

The best sportsbike gear – our gear guide KNOX ARMOUR


The best Sportsbike gear – our gear guide KNOX ARMOUR You may have seen on our YouTube channel and our socials that we ride a huge range of different motorcycles, from naked to adventure and custom to off-road but seeing as a large proportion of the team here at Knox ride sportsbikes we thought we would run you through the best sportsbike motorcycle gear we offer. Rewind 10-15 years ago, sport bike riders were limited to wearing one or two piece leather suits, whether that is for riding socially on the road or commuting to work every day. Who wants to wriggle into leathers every day? No thanks! Nowadays sports bikes are used much more widely than before, people are using them for touring, commuting, track days, social rides and racing so having protective solutions that cover more of these categories of ride is more important than ever. That’s where Knox comes in and we’ve put together a our selection of products to keep you protected, comfortable and looking stylish! Upper-body protection solutions Knox Max Dual Active BaseLayer – 🤍 Starting with the base layer solution - the Max Dual Active baselayer. This long sleeve top is made using Melange fabric finished with HYDROCOOL® and SILVERPLUS® for enhanced wicking, drying and anti-bacterial properties. This top is extremely comfortable and offers impressive levels of breathability, moisture management and odour resistance. Knox Urbane Pro MK2 - 🤍 Next we have the game changing Urbane Pro Mk2 shirt, the ultimate armoured shirt designed to be used on its own with No Jacket Required. For 2021 the Urbane Pro’s performance has been enhanced, with all-new materials we have managed to certify this product to CE EN17092 Level AA – a class normally reserved for heavier textiles or leather jackets. The Urbane Pro offers everything you could want in a motorcycle garment, it is breathable, comfortable, impact and abrasion resistant. Knox Zephyr Pro Jacket - 🤍 Alternatively, we have the Zephyr Pro Jacket. A similar product to the Urbane Pro Mk2 shirt with a slightly different fit/feel. The Zephyr pro mirrors the same CE Level AA protection but fits more like a stand-alone jacket and is supplied with a chest protector and level 2 MicroLock armour all round. Lower Body protection Richmond Jean MK2 – 🤍 Starting with the Richmond Mk2 jean, a modern tapered jean approved to CE Level AA. The Richmond is really all you would expect from your favourite pair of jeans but built for motorcycling. We have ensured top comfort both on and off the bike, incorporated stretch allows for all day comfort no matter what bike you are riding. Given the added input riders use when on sports bikes it is important such a product is comfortable. Shield Jean MK2 - 🤍 The second option is our Shield jean, this is a true single layer riding trouser made from Spectra denim – The pinnacle of the Knox jean collection. The Shield offers incredible strength and durability with superior protection at CE Level AAA. Spectra itself is 40% stronger than aramid and fifteen times stronger than steel and is one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibres. Best Sportsbike Gloves Handroid POD MK4 - 🤍 Riding a sports bike on the road, you want not only top protection, but you want practicality, feel and comfort as well, the CE approved short cuff Handroid Pod glove provides on all these fronts. The specification of the Handroid Pod glove is second to none, Exo-skeleton protection, Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) and BOA lacing system but to name a few. Orsa Leather MK2 - 🤍 Another CE approved short cuff glove hand armour solution is the Orsa Leather glove. This glove provides excellent protection, style and superior fit. As for protection, the glove features a 3 part knuckle guard and like all the gloves in the Knox range the Orsa features SPS on the palms. The Orsa leather glove goes well with any motorcycle kit you wear, simply secure the BOA system and you are away. So there you have it, the list of gear we wear on sports bikes. The beauty with this gear is its transferable, you can ride any bike you want with our kit. All the gear we produce is designed to be adaptable to the conditions and to the motorcycles you ride. Our products perform at such a high level so you can be assured protection is always available when wearing Knox. If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments and we’ll get back to you! 🤍

Knox Urbane Pro Mk2 Review - the Ultimate piece of motorcycle gear


If you thought the first Urbane Pro was good (and you'd be right!), the MK2 is even better, bringing AA Rated CE approval to our best selling garment of all time; now available from Urban Rider: 🤍 A couple of years ago, Knox completely changed the game with the Urbane Pro armoured shirt. Magically combining the lightweight and ventilated features of an armoured undershirt with the abrasion-resistant qualities of an outer motorcycle jacket, it completely blew us away, and has gone down as one of the most popular products ever stocked here at Urban Rider - rightly so. So you can’t improve on perfection, right? Very wrong. The MKII has an increased safety rating of CE Level AA, boasting levels of protection that surpass plenty of bulky leathers out there on the market, whilst remaining obscenely lightweight. In fact, this new, more protective iteration is no less breathable or lightweight than the previous model, and that’s pretty impressive. The Urbane Pro combines top-end abrasion, cut, and tear resistance from high tenacity nylon with arrownet mesh for airflow, and stretch panels for flexibility and comfort, meaning you’re looking at a garment that’s going to remain comfortable all day long. Supplied as standard with Micro-Lock super low-profile Level 1 shoulder and elbow protection, plus a Level 2 back protector, the Urbane Pro MKII offers a great level of impact protection too. A separate chest protector can be added as an optional upgrade. The Urbane Pro MKII is all you will ever need for upper body protection - designed to be worn alone just over a tee for supreme protection and ventilation on the hottest summer days, you can also throw some layers under, your favourite beaten-up leather jacket, or a waterproof over the top so it can serve you year-round. Try it with a tuxedo. Or a Tommy Bahama shirt. Either way, the body armour will be kept exactly where it should be - close to your body. Trust nearly 30 years of armoured shirt design experience, and be at the cutting edge of motorcycle armour with the Knox Urbane MKII - you’ll never want to ride without it. Subscribe to our channel for the latest gear reviews from the most stylish brands: 🤍 Like us on Facebook for our latest offers: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram for all the latest news and offers: 🤍

Knox Armour Urbane Pro motorcycle jacket review


I've been wearing my Knox Armour Urbane Pro shirt non-stop since I got it last year, and I recently put it to the test. For reference, I wear size small and I'm 5'10"/178cm. Update: Knox Armour has offered to replace my jacket due to the tearing, so I should receive a new one this summer. Safe riding everyone! * Website: 🤍 IG: 🤍

KNOX Honister AAA Rated Armoured Shirt Review


The Knox Honister truly is a game-changer. If you’re new to the Armoured Shirt world, then know that this is the pinnacle. It unlocks true freedom to express your style however you choose on your bike. In the heat, wear on its own, or with just a Tee over the top. Pop on a denim jacket, or your favourite vintage leather. If the weather turns, just layer up however you see fit, with a waterproof and/or thermals - you will always be as protected as it is possible to be if you are wearing the Honister Armoured Shirt. The most protective armoured shirt on the market. Check out the Knox Honister armoured shirt here: 🤍 🤍 Check out the rest of the Knox rang here: 🤍 Subscribe to our channel for the latest gear reviews from the most stylish brands: 🤍 Like us on Facebook for our latest offers: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram for all the latest news and offers: 🤍

Knox Handroid POD MKIV | Official overview from Knox


Knox Handroid POD MKIV | Official overview from Knox The Knox Handroid pod MK IV motorcycle glove is the new short cuff version of the award winning Handroid. It is a bold step forward in modern design and innovation. Set to become the new “go to” style for every rider preferring an easy to where shorter style. The Handroid POD MKIV has been totally revised in a number of areas and is the best short cuff motorcycle glove we have ever made. Featuring all new Exo-Skeleton system on the fingers, Knox MicroLock technology in the metacarpal and Knox SPS (scaphoid protection system) and an all new and revised Boa lacing system, the latest Handroid Pod has been reworked from the ground up. The Handroid POD MKIV is fully CE approved to EN13594 and comes in 2 colour ways, All Black and Black/Sand. You can find all the specification and images here: 🤍 Also, thanks to Rick English for riding the bikes in the video and Indian Motorcycles and BMW Motorrad UK for loaning us the bikes. Please like, comment and subscribe. Thanks, Knox 🤍

Best Adventure Bike Gear – The guide from KNOX


Best Adventure Bike Gear – The guide from KNOX Riding the latest Adventure bikes as they are designed to be ridden presents riders with endless Adventure riding possibilities. However, that same on road to off road capability also presents riders a challenging task of choosing the right gear. Therefore, we’ve put together our guide to the best Adventure Bike riding gear designed comfortable, dry and protected during all aspects of your Adventure! As part of putting this guide together, we tackled some of the tougher trails here in the Lake District that we are often found riding on and brought the latest KTM 1290 Super Adventure S with us and what a machine it is! We were also riding our Husqvarna 701 Enduro (more a dual sport but definitely adventure capable) and our Yamaha WR250f (for the rougher stuff!). The Adventure gear selection we’ve put together works perfectly on all of these bikes and works seamlessly from fast road pace, to tackling the trails at low speed. Upper Body Protection. As the foundation of our top and bottom half, we wear Dual active base layers, these provide huge levels of comfort and breathability, enabling moisture transfer and always keep you within the right operating temperatures. The Dual Active fabric is finished with HYDROCOOL® and SILVERPLUS® for enhanced wicking, drying and anti-bacterial properties meaning moisture management and odour resistance are achieved. The Knox protective layers will, of course, work without a Base Layer, but the Dual Active Base Layers provide the right foundation and in practice, they make a huge difference in performance and comfort. Next, we have the Urbane Pro mk2 or Urbane Pro MK2 Utility Shirt. This is all new for 2021 and is now certified to CE level AA, a class normally reserved for heavier textiles. Impact protection is achieved with our class leading smart and innovative Micro-lock level 1 elbow and shoulder armour, and level 2 back protector.. All-new materials are used for 2021 certified to CE standard EN17092. Knox exclusive materials allow us to achieve game changing levels of abrasion resistance whilst maintaining a light, comfortable garment. The Urbane Pro MK2 allows you to ride pretty much anything you want, anywhere! During our shoot with the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S, we layered up using our Quilted Jacket and Welbeck waterproof jacket for the long (and fairly chilly!) commute to the Lake District trails we had planned. Once we arrived at the trails, we simply removed the outer layers, rolled them up and packed them away so we were just wearing the Urbane Pro MK2. #nojacketrequired. Lower Body Protection. Brand new for 2021 are the Knox Urbane Pro trousers. Providing all the features from the Urbane Pro MK2 shirt but constructed into a trouser. The Urbane Pro trouser offers the same great level of protection – CE Level AA. This product offers massive amounts of ventilation whilst riding, this is achieved with the integrated mesh panels discreetly positioned front and back, these panels prove very effective especially when riding in the stand-up position. The Trousers also feature deep pockets on the front and back and a discreet, smart zipped side pocket for storage of items that could otherwise tend to fall out of standard back pocket. The Urbane Pro trousers share the same Knox exclusive materials used in the Urbane Pro Mk2shirt, this means the same great level of comfort, breathability as well as impact and abrasion resistance. Finally, we move to the hand armour, new for this year is our Urbane Pro Glove, this lightweight, short cuff summer riding glove offers off road feel with on road protection – CE approved to EN13594. Our new glove is constructed using a highly breathable, abrasion resistant mix of textile and leather fabrics with no compromise in performance. So there we have it, the best riding gear for Adventure bikes from Knox Armour! If you have any questions regarding any of the kit don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment below. Gear worn on test: Knox Urbane Pro Shirt MK2 – 🤍 Knox Urbane Pro Utility Shirt MK2 - 🤍 Urbane Pro Trousers – 🤍 Urbane Pro gloves – 🤍 Knox Dual Active Base Layers – 🤍 Welbeck Waterproof Over-jacket - 🤍

Knox Microlock Armor Replacement Review at


Knox Microlock Replacement Armor 🤍 Riding a motorcycle is fun. Falling off of a motorcycle is notably less so. With the Knox Microlock Replacement Armor riders are afforded CE Level 1 protection add-ons that can be added to jackets with armor pockets at the elbows and shoulders. Designed to remain malleable while being worn, the Microlock armor allows for a comfortable ride, yet at the moment of impact they lock up as they absorb the impact and reduce the force of the energy that reaches the rider underneath.

Honda NC750x - 20,000 review | KNOX


Honda NC750x - 20,000 review | KNOX A few months ago, I was speaking with Chris Moss who was super passionate about his latest motorcycle. After wrongly guessing the bike in question was perhaps a classic from yesteryear or a piece of Italian exotica, I nearly fell off my chair when Mossy said it was in fact a Honda NC750x. So, with 20,000 miles over two years and two bikes, we invited Mossy onto the Knox channel to share his thoughts! Hope you enjoy. In this video, Chris was wearing: Knox Urbane Pro Utility Mk2 – 🤍 Knox Urbane Pro Trousers – 🤍 Knox Zero gloves - 🤍 Knox Dual Active Base Layers - 🤍 Knox Waterproof garments - 🤍 In this video, we quoted a Devitt Insurance price. These were based on the below. *Devitt Insurance Quote is based on Mr Average. Mr Average is: Based on a 40 year old married Bank Clerk, living in LA13. Kept in a Garage, held full bike license since 2000. Bike has Biketrac and a Datatool S4 C1 Red security. No accidents or claims. Comp cover, 3000 miles, 5 years protected NCD and just SDP use Please see 🤍 In the video, Mossy talked about Hyper Pro suspension upgrades. these can be found here - 🤍 due to the different models on the NC750x, it's best to navigate through and select the correct model for your bike.

KNOX Action Pro MK2 Armoured Shirt Review


The Knox Action Pro MK2 is an extremely low profile, abrasion-resistant armoured shirt designed to fit underneath your riding gear. Featuring super slimline Level 1 Knox Micro-lock armour at the shoulders, elbows, and a Level 2 Micro-lock back armour insert, this base-layer is suitable for other adrenaline-fuelled pursuits too - from skateboarding and skiing, to eBiking through the city streets. Check out the Knox Action Pro Mk2 here: 🤍 🤍 Check out the rest of the Knox range here: 🤍 Subscribe to our channel for the latest gear reviews from the most stylish brands: 🤍 Like us on Facebook for our latest offers: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram for all the latest news and offers: 🤍

Best Motorcycle Gear for Autumn Winter | Knox


Best Motorcycle Gear for Autumn Winter | Knox This video is about my motorcycle riding gear set up for Autumn and the best motorcycle gear for Winter and the products I'll be using over the next 4-5 months on the motorcycle. Today I’m on the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701, but Ill most be riding my Suzuki GSXR 750 plus a couple of others. Riding in the Autumn and Winter is obviously not always as enjoyable as spring summer, but that doesn’t mean it has to be miserable, in fact gear up with the right products and you can still have a great time! Also, riding in the wet can often teach you more about riding than on warm tarmac. So here is my choice of gear! Starting with the Dual Active Max Base Layer. I often don’t wear base layers, but when I do, I quickly remember why they are so important and the Max does a fantastic job of regulating my body temperature during the day. Then over my base layer and the product I wear on every ride, the Knox Urbane Pro Shirt. This product needs no introduction, but is my foundation of upper body protection with abrasion resistance included no matter what bike I ride. As the temperature has taken a hit, I need an extra layer, and the Knox Quilted Jacket MKII does a fantastic job! A downproof outer layer with Thermolite gold interior, this is a seriously warm layer and makes a huge difference. Traditionally, we would have said to wear these underneath the Urbane Pro, but in all of our testing, we haven’t any difference in practice, so I often wear mine on the outside. In terms of trousers, I always wear either my Richmond MKII or my Knox Shield Jeans with Spectra. These are both AA CE rated, have excellent MircoLock protection in, and are perfect for all seasons. Now that my protection is sorted, we just need to consider how to handle rain (if it comes). With this in mind I always take my Knox Waterproof Jacket and Trousers with me. This way, I don’t have bulky waterproofs on when it is not raining, and then when it does, I throw these over the top to stay 100% dry. Due to the laminated, seam sealed and single layer construction, this is a much more effective waterproof solution in comparison to standard motorcycle textiles, holds very little water and therefore is much warmer overall and dries within a few hours in comparison to a few days. The other benefit is that once I’m done with them, I just store them in my rucksack. The new Knox Covert MKIII gloves finish my set up. These are a 3-season motorcycle glove with the Knox seal membrane. Unlike a traditional waterproof insert glove membrane, the Knox seal membrane is bonded to the outer leather meaning that there is no water ingress to the glove leaving it dryer, lighter and warmer. Due to the 3 season construction of the Covert MKIII, tactile feel with controls is great and once broken in, they are fantastic. Protection is uncompromised due to Knox SPS scaphoid protection system on the palm and MicroLock protection in the knuckle and fingers. All the gear is available here: Max Base Layer - 🤍 Urbane Pro Utility - 🤍 Shield Jeans - 🤍 Waterproof Over Garments - 🤍 Ryder Rucksack - 🤍 Covert MKIII - 🤍 Hope you enjoyed this one, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Aaron KNOX

How to bump start a motorcycle like a PRO | KNOX armour


How to bump start a motorcycle like a PRO | KNOX armour When getting your bike back out of the garage after winter, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find that it has a flat or low battery! Normally this means we’ve got to find a friend or helper to push us to bump start it, or some of us don’t even bother - choosing the wheel the bike back in the garage and put the battery charger on. In this video, we show how to bump start your motorcycle like a pro! Using a technique from KNOX founder Geoff Travell’s 2 stroke racing days, a running bump start is a sure-fire way to get your motorcycle kicked back into life without any help or hills needed. However, like all tricks and skills, they need a bit of practice to get it right and we discuss in the video the safest and most reliable way to do it. It works really great with most motorcycles, but single and twin cylinder motors are harder and modern electronics can sometimes get in the way… Why not give it a try next time you are out on your motorcycle, it might save you a bit of hassle in the future! Hope that was helpful, thanks for watching and see you next time! Aaron KNOX 🤍 Knox Urbane Pro Utility MK2 - 🤍 Knox Richmond MK2 – 🤍 Knox Urbane Pro gloves - 🤍



Motorcycle replacement body armor overview, review, and comparison. I have a lot of this stuff and collecting even more, so let's talk! CE rating and testing is important, but what about how it feels and functions? I'll give you my thoughts, but what do you wear or think impact protection foam? Timeline: 00:00 - Motorcycle apparel with Armor pockets 00:56 - Motoreverie art 01:20 - Impact Protection Foam & CE stuff 03:08 - Powertector 04:26 - Knox 05:41 - D3O 08:26 - A-XOC 10:15 - My Conclusion / recommendations Wall Art: MotoReverie (🤍 Armor: D3O Back Protector (🤍 Powertector (can't find online) Knox (🤍 D3O Ghost (🤍 A-XOC (🤍 Outfit: CM Camper Hat (🤍 See See Shirt (🤍 Glasses (🤍 More on gear: 🤍 Music: 🤍pink - foreign ( 🤍pink - ocean drive ( Note: A couple links are amazon affiliate links to make a few pennies to support my moto habit$, no biggy.

Knox Handroid MK4 & Handroid Pod Mk4 gloves review


The Knox Handroid MK4 sees some impressive revisions to one of the most striking and protective gloves on the market, available now from Urban Rider: 🤍 Every inch of the Handroid MK4 has been redesigned from the ground up, making the flagship Knox gloves on of the most protective in the business. We're usually all about the understated look, but the Handroids look undeniably cool. Firstly you will notice the revised exo skeleton which looks like it escaped from the set of a dark sci-fi movie. Its primary function is to provide hardcore finger and metacarpal protection in the event of a fall or smash. Knox have also developed what they call their Scaphoid Protection System, or SPS for short. The scaphoid, found at the base of your wrist, is one of the most commonly broken bones in motorcycle accidents. This comes down to the fact it is instinct to put your hands out in a fall and as soon as your wrist grips the floor it will over-extend and cause a break - just ask Stoner, Lorenzo and Bayliss to name a few. With the help of these sliders the Handroid allows the wrist to slide without gripping the tarmac, therefore preventing this common break. The Handroid MK4 achieves full CE stamp of approval guaranteeing the level of protection they offer. Another outstanding feature of the Handroid is its popular BOA closure system which means Knox are able to delete the typical wrist strap altogether. Made from aircraft grade stainless steel this closure system will give the rider a more tailored seal when compared to traditional velcro fasteners for a better overall fit and security. The clicking ratchet system is also immensely satisfying to do up. it also means that the wrist gets hugged from all sides and protected by the sturdy sides of the cuff Knox use Kangaroo leather which is super supple yet strong, so even with its reassuring safety systems in place the Handroid still gives you an excellent feel for your bike's controls. Motorcycle gloves don't get much more protective than this! Subscribe to our channel for the latest gear reviews from the most stylish brands 🤍 Like us on Facebook for our latest offers 🤍

KNOX ARMOUR impact test


A simple experiment that demonstrates the difference body armour makes when a 5kg weight is dropped from a height of one metre. Filmed by Bike Channel at the Planet Knox factory in the English Lake District.

Knox Handroid MK4 Gloves Review


Knox Handroid MK4 Gloves Review 🤍 The infamous Handroid, rebooted. Knox is back with improved fit and styling for their iconic glove. Crafted from 0.8mm thick kangaroo leather, the Handroid MK4 is a lightweight, high-impact choice with its trademark exoskeleton finger and knuckle sliders. Additional features include Microlock knuckle protection, gel lining for the back of the hand, and a BOA closure system to complete the Handroid’s futuristic feel. The Knox handroid MK4 gloves are CE certified to EN 13594- 2015.

Knox Armor CE Certification Testing | Sportbike Track Gear


Knox Armor CE Certification Testing 🤍 During Van's trip to Knox, he was able to get a quick look at how they test for CE Certification. Knox Operations Manager, Aaron Travell, gave us an explanation and a demonstration of how they do their CE testing. Hopefully this video can give you a better understanding about CE Certification and how the testing is done. Sportbike Track Gear is the #1 online eCommerce site for protective motorcycle apparel and performance parts. Buy popular brand name motorcycle helmets, riding gear, tires and parts at today! If you have any further questions call 888.784.4327, send an email to orders🤍 or leave a comment. Don't forget to subscribe!

Where Adventure starts | KTM 390 Adventure - KNOX Armour


Where Adventure starts - KTM 390 Adventure - KNOX Armour This is the Knox review of the KTM 390 Adventure. The KTM 390 Adventure is positioned and marketed as their entry level Adventure bike and designed to be accessible in all marketplaces around the world - in a life time of motorcycle adventure, this is where Adventure starts! Believe it or not, we were super looking forward to this test, lightweight and capable adventure bikes are where it’s at in our opinion and so much of the 390 Adventure looked just about right! In this test, we put the little 390 adventure right through its paces on the beautiful but naggery Lake District passes and off road on the 390 adventure on some of the roughest legal trails we have too. Did it live up to our expectations? Absolutely, we loved it! You can read the full review here – For all the specifications of the KTM 390 Adventure please visit here – 🤍 For insurance, Devitt provided a quote of £144.87 for Mr Average: * Mr Average is: Based on a 40 year old married Bank Clerk, living in LA13. Kept in a Garage, held full bike lis since 2000. Bike has Biketrac and a Datatool S4 C1 Red security. No accidents or claims. Comp cover, 3000 miles, 5 years protected NCD and just SDP use Please see 🤍 In this test, we wore: Knox Urbane Pro MK2 – 🤍 Knox Urbane Pro Trousers – 🤍 Knox Urbane Pro Gloves – 🤍 Knox Max Base Layer - 🤍 Knox T- Shirt – 🤍 Knox Wellbeck waterproof Over Jacket – 🤍 Trekker Rucksack – 🤍 Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together and see you on the next one! Aaron KNOX #390adventure #whereadventurestarts #knoxarmour

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Review from KNOX


Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Review from KNOX A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 and the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 for a 2 week period. In this time, we took plenty of time to clock up the miles and really get to grips with the new Royal Enfield twins and this is our dedicated review of the Continental GT 650. You can find our separate review of the RE Interceptor 650 here on 🤍 The Enfield Continental 650 is a fantastic bike, with beautiful café racer styling, a lovely and smooth parallel twin engine and surprisingly good handling… we love it. Especially when you consider the price, starting at £5,699 here in the UK, this is Café racer bang for your buck that you are hard pushed to find anywhere else! All the specifications for the Continental GT 650 can be found here, 🤍 As part of the review, of course, we were testing the latest products from the 2019 Knox collection. On test, Holly was wearing: Knox Urbane Pro Shirt 🤍 Knox Hadleigh Gloves 🤍 Knox Scarlett Denim Jeans 🤍 Cold Killers Ladies Sport Top 🤍 Knox Dry Inside Clara Base Layer 🤍 Aaron was wearing: Knox Urbane Pro Shirt 🤍 Knox Orsa Leather gloves 🤍 Knox Dalton Jeans 🤍 Knox Casual T-Shirt 🤍 Hope you enjoyed this one, please like, comment and subscribe and we’ll see you next time! Please also check out Holly's own channel on 🤍 You can also find here on 🤍allaboutholly on Facebook and Instagram! Aaron and Holly, Knox 🤍

Handroid Mk4 - The Iconic Motorcycle Glove | KNOX


Handroid Mk4 - The iconic motorcycle glove | KNOX HANDROID – THE ICONIC GLOVE The Handroid has been the Pinnacle of the Knox Hand Armour collection since 2010, and the 4th generation Mk4 is still the ultimate in motorcycle sports design. The Handroid never fails to impress or turn heads. Whether that’s on the latest “Dark Side of Japan – Yamaha MT 09” campaign film, lining up on the grid at race or track days or pulling up at a biker meet. But it’s never been about design over function. With an 11 year history, riders still agree and it’s the best and voted it The Best Summer Motorcycle Glove in a recent poll of over 1000 motorcyclists, due to its confidence inspiring safety features. (Bike Social Sept 2021). Find out more here - 🤍 KNOX 🤍

Real Adventure on the Royal Enfield Himalayan | KNOX


Real Adventure on the Royal Enfield Himalayan | The review by KNOX Royal Enfield made this bike to tackle some of the toughest roads, in the most remote places in the world. The Himalayan is tough, solidly built, constructed to take a kick in the teeth and get back up again, bruised but not beaten and ready to go another round. 2020’s latest adventure motorcycles feature 6 axis IMU’s, full suites of electronics, traction control systems, heated grips, cruise control, satellite navigation and self-adjusting suspensions systems. They even incorporate telephone system’s connecting you to right back to the madness your adventure is designed to take you away from. The Royal Enfield Himalayan has none of this, a simple engine, a throttle and clocks that tell you everything you need to know. Riding the Himalayan isn’t about taking a heated safety blanket with tour guide included, its about getting out there and doing it! While it is 199kg wet, it doesn’t feel it, its easy to manoeuvre, has a great turning circle, the seat is low making paddling with your feet very easy and the whole package feels light and manageable. Taking the Himalayan up Hardknott Pass, the steepest road in England, the Himalayan took it all in its stride, its rugged adventure aesthetics fitting perfectly with the landscape there. Like all Royal Enfield’s, they run the risk of feeling underpowered on our fast UK roads, its 400cc single producing 24hp and 32nm of torque. However, they have maximised the power on offer with a close ratio gearbox and consistent torque throughout the rev range. The Himalayan will hold 70mph all day, does not slow down up hills, and I saw an indicated 85mph on a long straight. But where the Himalayan really excels is its ability to go further and all of its confidence inspiring nature translates to the way you ride it off the tarmac. In our test of the Royal Enfield Himalayan, we took it up one of the most challenging roads in England, but also some of the rough and tough trails we have in the Lake District where Knox is proud to be based. As you can see in the footage, it performed incredibly and the whole Knox team where super impressed by its dogged performance. All in all, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is a brilliant Adventure bike and where it lacks in power and on spec, it makes up in gutsy on and off road performance and will have riders tackling bigger and tougher motorcycle adventure than they’d have ever thought possible! To check what we were wearing on test please see below: Olly was wearing: Urbane Pro Shirt - 🤍 Frontier Jacket – tba Richmond MKII Jean – 🤍 Covert MKIII Gloves - 🤍 Knox Orsa OR3 Gloves - 🤍 Geoff was wearing: Urbane Pro Utility Shirt - 🤍 Waterproof outer jacket and Trousers – 🤍 Shield Jeans - 🤍 Cover MKIII Gloves - 🤍 Knox Orsa OR3 Gloves - 🤍 In this review, we also quoted an insurance quote from Devitt, 🤍 for Mr Average of £111, which plays in to the bargain that the Himalayan represents. Mr Average is: Based on a 40 year old married Bank Clerk, living in LA13. Kept in a Garage, held full bike lis since 2000. Bike has Biketrac and a Datatool S4 C1 Red security. No accidents or claims. Comp cover, 3000 miles, 5 years protected NCD and just SDP use Hope you enjoyed this one as much as we did! Please like comment and subscribe. The Knox Team 🤍



Micro-lock: Smart, Soft, Stable We believe in MICRO-LOCK so much, we’re backing it with a 5 YEAR guarantee. WHY? There’s loads of armour out there but at Knox we know there is always room for improvement. There’s soft armour, hard armour, hybrid armour, plastic armour, moulded armour, flat armour... But out of all of these, not one of them is super soft, highly protective and MOST importantly, STABLE across all climates and environments. We must all be familiar with one of the following issues: 1. Armour becoming like jelly when its hot and wondering if its going to do its job? 2. Getting your bike and jacket out of the garage on a cold morning and your armour is rock solid and frozen. 3. Armour crumbling or breaking down after a year or two. At Knox, we have tested all types of super soft armour and they are all sensitive to temperature changes. We have also found that this effects the performance and lifespan of the protectors. TESTING To help demonstrate what happens in different temperatures we did a couple of very simple tests on a range of soft protectors. In the first test we took the temperature of the protectors down to just below 0 degrees. The result was the protectors became so hard you could hammer a nail into a block of wood with them! In the 2nd test, we increased the temperature to +45 degrees and found the performance level decreased sharply when impacted. MICRO-LOCK SMART Knox MICRO-LOCK uses smart technology and materials which keep the armour super soft to touch but also locks when impacted, keeping you protected. This locking action increases the amount of impact absorbed by the protector, reducing the energy passed through to your precious limbs. SOFT MICRO-LOCK is the softest and most comfortable protector Knox have EVER produced. This softness, linked with MICRO-LOCK’s smart protective qualities, means we can engineer many shapes and thickness’ so you can find the perfect protector for every garment. STABLE Knox MICRO-LOCK solves the temperature stability issue by using a unique mix of materials which keep the protector softer in the cold. MICRO-LOCK’s impact performance is also STABLE across all temperatures and environments. We believe in MICRO-LOCK so much, we’re backing it with a 5 YEAR guarantee. To find out more please contact: Sales🤍 +44 1900 825825

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 – 5 reasons we love it! KNOX Armour


Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 – 5 reasons we love it! KNOX Armour We’ve been lucky enough to spend the last few months with the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, and in this video Ill be sharing 5 reasons why we think its great! We have reviewed this bike before and we stand behind our opinion on that and if you want to see the full review, you can find it here - 🤍 But spending the last few months with the bike, we wanted to share 5 stand out things about the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. 1). It’s a great honest package that’s true to itself. If you were to look at this bike and imagine how it rides, your assumptions would pretty much be correct; no surprises, its not trying to be something its not. It’s not a sports bike dressed up as a custom, its not old tech dressed up as modern machinery – it is what it is! The Interceptor 650 has got good performance but it’s not fitted with a mega fast engine, it’s got brakes that work pretty great now with the speed and handling, it’s not got a big tft screen, it’s got classic styled tyres, not sports rubber. Everything about the style, ergonomics, the way it rides, the way it performs is really carefully done and has been designed to play into and complement exactly what it is – a great modern retro that’s honest to its styling and impressions. 2). It sounds incredible! The standard exhaust system on the interceptor sounds incredible! Check out our video on the First ride of spring where we really tried to capture the raw sound of the interceptor and how it kind of thundered its way around the beautiful roads that we have here in the Lake District. 🤍 No need to change anything, Royal Enfield have put a lot of work into the sound design of their motorcycles and the sound of the interceptor is definitely a part of your riding experience and we’d argue that it is one of the best sounds in motorcycling. 3). It handles very well. Surprisingly, the bike handles amazingly well considering the type of bike it is! It turns really well, holds a nice line, its actually really good to get a hustle on should you wish. The rear shock does get a bit bouncy when you do push on but you can increase the preload on it to counter that. This point rings true when we saw Paul Young (ex BSB racer) absolutely smoke everyone on a modified contintental GT at the bikeshed festival. Yes it was a fairly modified motor with quite a lot more power than standard, quite a lot less weight, full ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and stickier tyres, but the foundation remained and Youngy absolutely trounced everyone including some very experienced and well known journalists. 4). It's a crowd pleaser. Again, you won't know this till you own one, but the interceptor is a massive crowd pleaser! Turn up anywhere and you will be awash with admirers, people taking pictures, people asking you about the bike, reminiscing about memories of their grandads having a Royal Enfield. Turn up to a location with anyone on the latest exotic bike and we guarantee that people will walk straight pass that bike to the Royal Enfield and will be ogling all over it! I’m saying that because I’ve done it, been there and wore the T-shirt! 5). It is incredibly affordable in everyway. New price for this bike is about £6k which is incredibly affordable for pretty much everyone and nearly 2 years on it would be worth about £1k less than you paid for it. There are not many new bikes that offer that level of affordability insurance is also super reasonable. Insurance partners Devitt quote £107 for fully comp for Mr Average* for this bike which is just incredible! We hope you enjoyed that and it was helpful! Please check out the Knox range, subscribe and let us know what you think and we’ll see you next time?! Aaron KNOX Knox products worn on test: Knox Dual Active Base Layer - 🤍 Knox Urbane Pro Utility Shirt MK2 - 🤍 Knox Richmond Jeans MK2 - 🤍 Knox Hadleigh glove - 🤍 * Mr Average is: Based on a 40 year old married Bank Clerk, living in LA13. Kept in a Garage, held full bike lis since 2000. Bike has Biketrac and a Datatool S4 C1 Red security. No accidents or claims. Comp cover, 3000 miles, 5 years protected NCD and just SDP use Competition terms. Applicants are accepted worldwide and Knox will cover shipping up to the value of £30 via UPS. Knox is not liable for local import duties which may be due on import. A winner will be announced on the 15th of June on all 🤍knoxarmour social handles and YouTube announcements. Standard terms and conditions apply.

Knox Venture Shirt - the official overview from KNOX


Check out the Venture shirt from KNOX. The venture shirt is one of our most highly acclaimed protective products in the knox armor range, the pinnacle of which is the MCN product of the year award it achieved. Made in our British factory using British made fabrics, the zip-fronted shirt uses soft, stretchy and breathable Meryl Lycra, which has moisture wicking properties to help regulate body temperature and prevent the build-up of perspiration during day-long rides. Key features include: esigned and manufactured in the UK by Knox. Almost invisible under clothing. The discreet style means riders are protected but without any extra weight or bulkiness. The combination of soft stretch Lycra and low profile protection gives total freedom of movement and comfort. British made Meryl Lycra is a superior fabric chosen for its breathability, wicking and fast drying properties. Stretch Mesh sleeves, shoulder and side panels for added ventilation YKK zips. Superior cut means the armour is secured in place and doesn’t move around. Flat lock seams for extra comfort against the skin. Knox CE approved MICRO-LOCK super soft protectors fitted on the shoulder and elbow Includes a lightweight breathable CE approved back protector which is fitted in a pocket. All CE armour is in pockets and can be removed for washing. CE approved MICRO-LOCK elbows/shoulder EN1621 – 1. CE approved Back protector EN1621-2 Level 1 CE approved chest protector can be added as an optional extra. For more info, check out 🤍



Most RSD jackets now come equipped with #microlock armor by 🤍knoxarmour , a global leader in protection technology. Microlock is soft and stable and provides superior impact protection in any temperature. 🤍

Knox Handroid MKIV – the official overview from Knox.


Knox Handroid MKIV – the official overview from Knox. The Handroid MKIV is the latest model of the award winning Knox handroid motorcycle glove and is the biggest change to the model since it was launched a decade ago. Its had a total overhaul and is set to become the new standard for motorcycle gloves. 🤍 Features include: - The unique Knox exo-skeleton system that has been totally reworked for the MKIV model - Knox MicroLock materials used in metacarpal, wrist gauntlet and all new Knox SPS impact (scaphoid protection system) - Knox Scaphoid protection system (KNOX SPS Impact) - All new and revised BOA lacing system - 0.8mm drum dyed cowhide - 0.8mm kangaroo palm - CE Approved to EN 13594 - Sizes S-3XL - Colours All black – Black/White – Red – Blue The Handroid MKIV is available in this the full gauntlet version, but also in the Handroid MKIV POD version which is shorter and more appealing to Urban riders. Separate video and link for the Handroid MKIV Pod. 🤍 All details are available on 🤍 Thanks for watching, Knox.

Yamaha MT09 2021 – The review from KNOX


Yamaha MT09 2021 – The review from KNOX Forged from the Dark side of Japan, the Yamaha MT09 has hit legendary status in the motorcycle world. Its snarling engine and unconventional design setting the benchmark for naked bikes. 2021 sees the Yamaha MT09 and MT 09sp reborn. An all-new engine, heavily revised geometry, and R1 derived electronics. It’s loaded to the teeth and ready to fight it out against the very best in class. But have they done enough? let’s find out! In this test, we put the 2021 Yamaha MT09 through its paces, on the beautiful Lake District mountain passes, on the commute and of course had a bit of hooligan MT09 wheelie fun while we were at it. To read the full article click here - For the latest specification on the Yamaha MT09 and Yamaha MT09sp, please see here - 🤍 In the review we quote an insurance quote from our Insurance Partners Devitt of £187*. Please see below for details. On test, we wore the following from KNOX: Olly was wearing: Knox Urbane Pro Utility- 🤍 Knox Urbane Pro Trousers - 🤍 Handroid Pod MK4 - 🤍 Knox T shirt - 🤍 Knox Ryder Rucksack - 🤍 Aaron was wearing: Knox Urbane Pro Shirt - 🤍 Knox Richmond Jean MK2 - 🤍 Knox Orsa leather gloves - 🤍 Knox T Shirt - 🤍 Knox Trekker Rucksack - 🤍 We also talked about Extreme Wheelie School who run the MT09 on their fleet and is the right place to learn. Check them out on - 🤍 Thanks for watching, please like comment and subscribe and we'll see you next time. Aaron KNOX *Devitt Insurance Quote is based on Mr Average. Mr Average is: Based on a 40 year old married Bank Clerk, living in LA13. Kept in a Garage, held full bike license since 2000. Bike has Biketrac and a Datatool S4 C1 Red security. No accidents or claims. Comp cover, 3000 miles, 5 years protected NCD and just SDP use Please see 🤍

Best new motorcycles for 2022 – Knox from Motorcycle Live


Best new motorcycles for 2022 – Knox from Motorcycle Live Although Knox couldn’t be there this year to exhibit as we have done for nearly 30 years, we visited Motorcycle Live as enthusiasts to check out the best new motorcycles for 2022. This is probably our longest video to date (apologies) but we’ve time stamped it so you can navigate forward and backwards. Covid has undoubtably had an effect on exhibitions worldwide and Motorcycle Live is no different with omissions from Yamaha, Aprilia, meaning we couldn’t speak about the new MT-10 or Tenere700 Rally concept, nor was the Ducati Panigale V4s on show. But we still had a great time and it was great to be on the other side of the fence for once and enjoy all was on show. Alongside checking out the best new motorcycles for 2022 from the main motorcycle manufacturers, we also took the chance to check out some special bikes we wouldn’t see elsewhere and models from Langen, Crichton and the KTM Rc8c caught our eye in particular. As a list of the bikes we looked at, they included: - Kawasaki H2sx 2022 - Kawasaki Z900rs SE - Kawasaki Z900 race bike - Triumph Speed 1200 RR - Herald Brute 500 - Langen 2 Stroke - Indian FTR1200 - Crighton CR700 - KTM 1290 SuperDuke R Evo - KTM 1290 SuperDuke GT - KTM rc390 - KTM 390 Adventure 2022 - Husqvarna Norden 901 - Honda CBR1000rr-r SP Anniversary - Royal Enfield interceptor and continental 650 120 yr Anniversary specials - Ducati Streetfighter V4sp - Ducati Panigale V2 Bayliss edition - Ducati Streetfighter V2 Anyway, hope you enjoy this one, please like, comment and subscribe and we’ll see you on the next video. Aaron KNOX 🤍 0:00 Kawasaki and Intro 7:52 Triumph 9:25 Herald 11:16 Langen Motorcycles 13:27 BMW 14:34 Indian Motorcycles 18:34 Norton Motorcycles 20:26 Crichton Motorcycles 22:36 KTM 31:09 Husqvarna 33:49 Suzuki and Sylvain Guintoli’s GSXR1000r 37:17 Honda Motorcycles and CBR1000rr-r 43:50 Royal Enfield 45:30 Ducati Motorcycles #bestnewmotorcycles2022 #motorcyclelive #knoxarmour

Knox Armour Action Shirt Review


I recently became a brand ambassador for Knox, so I just wanted to talk you through one of their key pieces - the Action Shirt! Any questions please feel free to get in touch! 🤍

KNOX Action Pro Trousers Review


The Knox Action Pro are a super low profile, abrasion-resistant armoured legging designed to fit underneath your riding gear. Featuring super slimline Knox Micro-lock armour at the hips, knees, thighs, and coccyx, these armoured leggings are suitable for other adrenaline-fuelled pursuits too - from skateboarding and skiing, to eBiking through the city streets. Check out the Knox Action Pro trousers here: 🤍 For the Action Pro shorts click here: 🤍 For the rest of the Knox range click here: 🤍 Subscribe to our channel for the latest gear reviews from the most stylish brands: 🤍 Like us on Facebook for our latest offers: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram for all the latest news and offers: 🤍

Knox Motorcycle Body Armor Crash Tested by Fast Guy Jeff Wrobel


🤍 Sportbike Track Gear is the #1 online eCommerce site for protective motorcycle apparel and performance parts. Buy popular brand name motorcycle helmets, riding gear, tires and parts at today! As always, if you have any further questions post us a comment or send an email to orders🤍

Ducati Streetfighter V4 | Knox


Ducati Streetfighter V4 review | Knox Over the last few years, the Super Naked sector has gone mad, they’ve gotten faster, harder and are unbelievably capable on road and track. But like all sectors, there are Super Naked’s, and there are Super Naked’s. The Ducati Streetfighter V4s is the latter! This is our Ducati Streetfighter V4 review. Before we get into it, let’s get a few specs out of the way - 208hp, 178kg dry, £20,955… enough to tell you that the Ducati Streetfighter V4 not only packs the hardest punch, but is pretty much the most expensive of its rivals. But like all spec sheets, there is more of a story to tell. As you can tell from the video, minus a few small complaints, The Ducati Streetfighter V4s absolutely blew my socks off. From the street to the open road, to slammed against the stop, it was simply awesome! To check out the latest spec of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 and V4s, please check out 🤍 Hope you enjoyed this video, please check the website blog for the full article, subscribe to the channel, and we’ll see you on the next one. Aaron KNOX In this video Aaron was wearing: Knox Dual Pro Jacket – new for 2022 tba Knox Urbane Pro MK2 – 🤍 Knox Richmond Jean MK2 – 🤍 Knox Handroid Pod MK4 – 🤍 Knox Dual Active Base Layers – 🤍 *Devitt Insurance Quote is based on Mr Average. Mr Average is: Based on a 40 year old married Bank Clerk, living in LA13. Kept in a Garage, held full bike license since 2000. Bike has Biketrac and a Datatool S4 C1 Red security. No accidents or claims. Comp cover, 3000 miles, 5 years protected NCD and just SDP use Please see 🤍 #streetfighterv4 #knoxarmour

Najnowsze akcesoria od Knox Armor


Z dumą ogłaszamy nowe akcesoria do kolekcji Knox, w miarę jak stale poszerzamy naszą ofertę. Po pierwsze, plecak Knox Studio musi się wyróżniać, ponieważ jest tak wszechstronnym produktem. Jest to genialny plecak motocyklowy, ze schowkiem o pojemności 25 litrów, wodoodporną rolką i doskonałymi cechami charakterystycznymi dla rowerzystów, ale jest również doskonały na co dzień. https: //🤍 ... Na drugim miejscu znajduje się nasza najnowsza kolekcja T-shirtów Knox, dostępna w różnych kolorach i wspaniałych wzorach. Sprawdź wszystkie dostępne wzory. https: //🤍 ... Wreszcie, nasza gama skórzanych pasków wyprodukowanych w Wielkiej Brytanii jest idealnym dodatkiem do każdego z dżinsów Knox lub dowolnego z twoich ulubionych dżinsów.

Knox Urbane Pro Shirt Review


Knox Urbane Pro Shirt Review 🤍 Fitted and functional, the Knox Urbane Pro Shirt provides riders an added layer of abrasion resistance underneath their motorcycle jacket. Features include high-tenacity stretch nylon and breathable arrow mesh for mobility and breathability, as well as Knox CE Level 1 Microlock protectors on the shoulders and elbows with Knox CE Level 2 back protection. Additionally, riders can add a Knox CE Level 1 chest protector if they are so inclined (sold separately).

The Knox Scarlett Slim fit Jean lined with DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre - the official overview from KNOX


The Knox Scarlett jeans are the latest in our ladies denim collection. Designed to be a closer fitting slim fit jean, the Scarlett features stretch cordura denim for an excellent slim fit but retain amazing comfort too. Features include Made from Stretch 10oz Cordura® denim woven with COOLMAX® Seamlessly part lined with DuPont™ Kevlar® fabric for abrasion coverage. Water repellent finish. Internally lined with lightweight stretch cotton for comfort, breathability and its naturally antibacterial qualities. Invisible amour pockets with external access for easy adjustment and removal. Carefully tailored for an impeccable skinny fit. Adjustable knee pocket to give precise knee armour fit. YKK Zips Deep pockets Includes removable Knox® CE approved MICRO-LOCK knee and hip armour. 9 sizes – XXS(6) – 3XL(20) 1 Leg Length – 32”. Easy to alter hem 🤍 DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Best Motorcycle Body Armour of 2017


Check out our favourite safety upgrades for your motorcycle gear. Everything from back protection to neck braces. Lets make your next ride a safer one. Best Motorcycle Body Armour: 0:15 - Replacement Armour: 🤍 4:36 - Back/Spine Protection: 🤍 7:21 - Neck Brace: 🤍 Gear up for your next adventure at 🤍 Connect with us: 🤍 🤍 🤍

The History of Knox Armor with Knox Founder Geoff Travell | Sportbike Track Gear


The History of Knox Armor 🤍 Van recently visited England, and while he was there, he was invited by Knox to tour their factory and get a more in depth look at the company. He was able to talk with the founder of Knox, Geoff Travell, and he gave us a quick history of the Knox brand and how everything got started. Knox started in 1981, when they launched the 1st commercially available back protector under the Pro-Tek brand. This was followed by the award winning Pro-Tek Elite suit in 1988 which was the 1st motorcycle jacket to feature built-in protectors in the elbows, shoulders and back. An innovator and originator in motorcycle armor and protection, Knox continues to be a leader in the industry for the past 35 years. Sportbike Track Gear is the #1 online eCommerce site for protective motorcycle apparel and performance parts. Buy popular brand name motorcycle helmets, riding gear, tires and parts at today! If you have any further questions call 888.784.4327, send an email to orders🤍 or leave a comment. Don't forget to subscribe!

Présentation des gants Knox Handroid MK3


Sources d'informations : 🤍 et 🤍 Vidéo commerciale par Knox (en anglais) : 🤍 Suivez-moi sur les réseaux sociaux : ► Twitter : 🤍 ► Instagram : 🤍 ► Facebook : 🤍 INTRO Musique : Hiks - Androgine 🤍 Animation : Adrien Rocher Vj 🤍 🤍 Un grand merci à lui ! OUTRO Musique : Penngollo - Stankenn ar blavet (Hyah Muzika Remix)

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